Hello all dog lovers, for the time being I'm on hiatus.  I'm not ready to shut down my website yet because of the attachment I have to my clients and the wonderful world of helping them and the awesome dogs they own.  I have recently had a major career change and can no longer train you and your dogs.  I may pick it up again in the future. I am going to have to shut down this site eventually.


Reviews and Comments

"I'm so happy Yvonne was able to work with me on training my dog, Kirby.  As a first-time dog owner, I was overwhelmed and completely unaware of what my dog needed from me.  Yvonne has the experience and the education to provide her clients with training techniques and beyond.  She provided me with insight regarding the psychology of dogs and their behaviors.  She made sure I practiced with her and gave me good feedback so that I felt confident to practice on my own.  Her love for dogs is genuine; Kirby felt so comfortable with her.  Yvonne's calm and patient nature helped set the tone for me so that Kirby responded positively.  In addition to all her knowledge and wonderful qualities, Yvonne was the only trainer I worked with (she was the 3rd) who was prepared, organized and professional.  She had a folder for me with all the information I needed regarding how the sessions would work, training practice and homework, and treats to give Kirby.  I've seen incredible growth in Kirby as well as myself as a dog owner.  It was so worth the time, money and effort.  I happily recommend  Yvonne!"  - MB Scotch Plains 12/21

"We were thrilled with Yvonne and her training program. Our three month mini golden doodle loved each of her training sessions. Yvonne had thorough "homework" sheets that helped the entire family practice with Bailey in between sessions. She definitely has a passion for her students, and she made dog training fun and informative. As the "proud parents of our Dog Diva student" we highly recommend training with Yvonne!"   - BL Flemington 6/28/21

“Yvonne, The Dog Diva helped with my wild child Lily and helped me as well. We finished a week early, Lily has her training down. I highly recommend her.” - Karyn,  June 2018

"After going through 3 trainers and not being successful, we came across the Dog Diva and we couldn't be happier!  She is patient, caring and connects both with the dogs and owners. We highly recommend her and we think you will too." Liv & Eve,  April 2016

"Yvonne, The Dog Diva, helped us put our best paw forward.  With The Dog Diva's expertise, our family was able to identify and understand our dog's temperament.  Our dog Freddy was a rescue dog and The Dog Diva taught us to recognize already-established behavior patterns that helped Freddy adjust to his new home and family. We highly recommend The Dog Diva to all new dog owners to teach your dog the basic commands and how to deal with the doggie Do's and Don'ts.  Thank you Yvonne, The Dog Diva, you rock!" - Debbie, Marc, and Lauren, 2016

"It was truly a pleasure working with you these past couple of months. You taught us so much and Jonas learned so much. I appreciate your patience and flexibility when we rescheduled our training while he was sick.  The at-home training was a plus. I will definitely recommend you to others. Best wishes to you!" - Tendai,  Xyaire, & Jonas

"The Dog Diva was a joy to work with. My dog came into the class a timid puppy and left a playful and obedient one. I would highly recommend Yvonne to anyone looking to train and establish a loving and healthy rapport with their dog." - Brandon

"We would highly recommend Yvonne's (The Dog Diva) obedience classes to everyone.  We always have fun because the atmosphere is positive, stress-free, and caring for dogs and owners. It really improved my dog's (Lola) behavior, and were amazed at how well she responded to the training.  It was the best thing we've ever done for ourselves and for our dog. Thank you, " - Anne Marie, Wayne, and Lola

"Yvonne was an excellent trainer.  She is very knowledgeable and my dog took to her immediately.  I was impressed.  I worked with Yvonne while my puppy was 4 to 6 months old over a course of 6 training sessions.  We learned basic commands such as sit and down, loose leash walking and stay, leave it, come etc.  She gave me the tools to continue working with him and I feel confident in my ability to do so.  Yvonne also caters to your puppy's individual needs whether it be jumping up, counter surfing or fear of the road.  She had a solution for everything.  The key to success is to practice with your dog every day.  Yvonne was always on time and called to confirm appointments.  She is a pleasure to work with and I would recommend her to anyone!"  Katherine N.