My Philosophy


"A Tired Dog is a Good Dog!" Get outside and walk with your dog. Not only is this good exercise, it is a structured form of activity you do together.  It's bonding time as well as a healthy activity mentally, physically and emotionally for you both!  A minimum of 60 minutes a day is what I strongly suggest.  It also keeps unwanted behaviors at bay!

Training is a Lifetime Commitment

It's important that you remember to reinforce these wanted behaviors throughout the dogs life.  You want to keep them fresh in her head. Incorporate them during your daily routine.  Make your pup sit while placing her food bowl down, then release her after she's patiently waited.   Make her sit, give paw, or speak before you give her a treat!

Rules and Consistency 

If you are inconsistent, your dog will be inconsistent.  Be consistent when you have rules you want your dog to follow.  Make your pup go to her assigned spot when you are sitting down for a meal.  This will keep the dog from begging. 

Positive Reinforcement

It's always important to reinforce wanted behaviors.  It teaches your pooch that it gets things it wants doing things that you want.  PR builds a foundation for your relationship, not to mention trust, self esteem, and confidence in both of you. 

I Train You, The Owner

The owner is the one with the relationship with their dog.  If I trained your dog and not you, the dog would trust only me and you won't have learned to communicate with her.  Take my word, you want to learn how to communicate and work with your dog. It builds a strong relationship, trust and gives you fun activities to do together!