My name is Yvonne Zarnitz and I grew up in Morris County, NJ. I have always had a soft spot for animals, especially dogs. Growing up I had two. My first was a dog that my father originally had as a guard dog at his factory in New York. Lord was a mutt, brought in from the pound. He wasn't the nicest or friendliest of dogs, but he was gentle with me as a kid. As Lord aged, Dad decided it was time to give him a better home and brought him back to live with us. He figured Lord had had enough of the guarding days. I remember him always smelling like chicken because that was what my grandmother always fed him, scraps of chicken with his dog food.   

My second dog, Jazz was half Great Dane and Black Lab.  I remember him to be the sweetest and most gentle dog ever.  He was about four years of age when we adopted him and about 100 lbs.   

Now I have Gladys, a pit mix.  I brought her home during my mentor-ship from Woodbridge Animal Shelter, in Sewaren, NJ.  She’s been with me since September of 2010.  Gladys is my heart!

I graduated in 1998 from Fairleigh Dickinson University in Madison. Even though I received a BA and had plenty of different jobs in different areas, I still struggled to figure out what I’d love to do. 

I was visiting my folks sometime in 2008.  Dad was downstairs watching television and when I walked in the door he shouted, "Yvonne! You have to come down here an see this!"  I walked downstairs and sat down for a moment. I watched for a moment and was utterly impressed by a good-looking Mexican man "magically" taking control of out-of-control dogs with his energy, body posture, and calm assertive attitude. It was none other than Cesar Millan.  As I watched, a single thought crossed my mind; "Oh my goodness... that's what I want to do!!"  I'd never felt so strongly about anything.  

I looked around online for a bit and found the Animal Behavior College.  At the time I'd been laid off and didn't have the means to pay for the school.  I found another job and within a few months I signed up to take the class.  I was on my way to becoming what I was put on this planet for.  It was very exciting!

Through ABC I learn positive reinforcement methods of training.  These methods take time, patience and practice. Positive reinforcement is my method of obedience training in the sessions I teach.  I rarely use the correction methods unless I absolutely have to.

So here I am, working with dogs for over 10 years! I’m training owners how to communicate and build a stable relationship with their pet!  It's more fun than any job !